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Web Access

In a demanding business, employers look for transparency and a reliable payroll system that is user-friendly. Coastal Human Resources introduces full Web Access for payroll processing with many online benefits. 

Advanced Web Service Administrator

Web Access is created and developed with a high backup, cloud database that makes payroll reports, employee and employer information plus printing a breeze.  Advanced features such as automated bug fixes and tech support are always available.

Easy and Safe Log-In For Everyone

The digital world is growing and so are we. We keep Web Access up to date to save you time on managing all of your HR services.

  • Log-in is easy and safe for everyone with our added security features

  • Go mobile with an app or through iOS devices and have the same features as you would a desktop 

  • Register new accounts at anytime

  • Edit and save online credentials

  • Provide E-signatures for professional and legally binding forms

  • Authentication servers provide extra security measures during login

  • Employees also have access to their own account whenever they need it, 24/7

Manage Employer and Employee Insights

Aside from filing local, state and federal taxes, Web Access gives businesses full control over employer and employee insights.

  • Monitor employer payroll information

  • Submit payroll information via web-based software

  • Employees are also able to check current and year to date information

  • Make and send out alerts when changes are made via e-mail notifications

Organize With A Click

A part of Web Access that clients enjoy is the ability to organize their view with a click.

  • At a glance, calendar and yearly view

  • Change layout settings

  • Track and view invoices, payroll reports, audits, plus tax filings

View and Fill Out Templates

Our automated system helps to keep information proficient which in turn decreases the amount of time spent manually filling employee information each time. You’ll be able to view and fill out templates as needed.

  • No need to design templates. We provide user-friendly templates for payroll reports and tax file forms. Simply fill out and edit as you go.

  • Choose viewing and privacy preferences for availability on important forms such as W-2 once completed. 

Trusting Liability Information

Personal information such as social security numbers and payroll details are processed safely through Web Access. It is not only our liability, but our due diligence to keep confidential information free of online risks.

Quick Print Options

Both employers and employees are able to refer back to reports and tax file forms

  • Printing of payroll reports

  • Quickly print copies of any tax forms such as W-2

Image by Jp Valery

Eager to unlock payroll software with full Web Access? 

Email us at or call us toll-free at 1-888-757-7444. We’re here to help ensure that all your human resources needs are met!

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