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PEO Service

More than ever before, bottom-line conscious companies are outsourcing HR Functions by making use of Professional Employer Organizations. PEOs perform a wide variety of tasks ranging from payroll management and employee benefit design and administration to tax filings and compliance with state and federal workplace legislation.

In selecting the right PEO, companies should consider factors such as the PEO's ability to offer core services, its stable financial history, an experienced staff of HR specialists and a track record with companies of similar size and industry.

Compliance Screening

Drug and Alcohol Facts

  1. 13 Million Americans admit to being current illicit drug users during the past 12 months. (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

  2. Substance abusers utilize their medical benefits 300% more often than non-abusers. (Department of Labor)

  3. Substance abusers are absent from work 10 times more often than non-abusers. (OSHA)

  4. 11 Million Americans consider themselves heavy drinkers. A heavy drinker is defined as 5 or more drinks on at least 5 different days in one month. (Department of Labor)

  5. 38 - 50% of all Workers' Compensation claims involve substance abuse. (National Council on Compensation Insurance)

Coastal Compliance Screening assists businesses with all phases of their DOT and non-DOT drug testing program. Coastal Compliance Screening can assist in policy development, collection procedures and reporting of test results. Coastal Compliance Screening offers our clients years of experience in drug testing procedures and policy, as well as the professionalism of our service to maintain accurate and confidential records. Coastal Compliance Screening provides full service drug and alcohol testing with many options:

  • Drug Testing - Lab based Urinalysis (DOT and Non-DOT)

  • Rapid Drug Screen Urinalysis

  • Alcohol Testing - DOT and Non-DOT

  • Hair testing-Radioimmunoassay of hair can determine drug presence over longer period of time.

  • On-site Testing - Trained collectors can go to your site and conduct tests of any type while maintaining courtesy and confidentiality of each employee.

Background Checks:

  • Criminal History Search

  • Social Security/Name Trace

  • Worker Compensation History

  • Motor Vehicle Record

  • Employment Verification

  • Civil Court References

  • Education Confirmation

  • Sex Offender Registry

All background screen services are in compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Reform Act and the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission. Coastal Compliance Screening offers:

  • Employee & Supervisor Training

  • Medical Review Officer Services

  • Private Drug Screens

  • DNA - Paternity Testing

Employee Benefits

Our licensed benefit professionals are available to provide and manage your employee benefit programs. We have access to the best benefit products on the market for your employees. An excellent employee benefits program is imperative when considering employee retention. Coastal HR can design such a program to fit your benefit needs.

Enrolling, Tracking, Reconciliation and Payments

At the discretion of the Client, we can administer payroll deductions, enrollments/terminations, reconciliations and payments for all types of benefit insurance policies. This includes policies sponsored by Coastal HR and/or policies the client company has in place. We plan and administer:

  • Annual Enrollment

  • New Employee Enrollment

Employees can purchase health, life and other supplemental insurance. They receive personal service from our licensed representatives with a one-on-one meeting. Our Benefits Specialists will coordinate a personalized benefit plan to fit the employee's personal needs at special rates through payroll deductions.

  1. Health Insurance

    • Medical

    • Dental

    • Vision Care

  2. Other Insurance

    • Life

    • Accident

    • Short and Long-Term Disability

    • Cancer

    • Hospital

125 Cafeteria Plan:

  • Employee Paid Premiums

  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) 

    • Medical Reimbursement

    • Child Care Reimbursement


At the discretion of the client we can manage 401(k) plans including employee deductions, employer match, reconciliations and payments to 401(k) providers.

Compliance Screening
Employee Benefits

Human Resource Management

Hiring & Firing Procedures:

Disciplinary Termination Procedures Provide vast experience to clients in establishing written policies to deal with disciplinary and termination procedures.


  • CHRG will help you stay compliant. You can get current compliant information and immediate guidance from our HR professionals whenever you need it.

  • OSHA - On-site evaluation of client facilities to minimize potential OSHA compliance issues.

  • HIPAA/COBRA - Conduct site audits to insure compliance.

  • EEOC - Provide third party investigation of complaints and a written report of findings for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. With client approval, we will serve as contact representative for mediation.

  • Department of Labor - Makes sure each client is in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, including minimum wage standards.

  • Employee Files - CHRG will collect and process applications including proper I-9 and other employment regulations.


  • Safety Meetings and Training: Coordinate and provide scheduled site safety meetings

  • Forklift Training/Certification: Required training and certification for forklift operators

  • Responsible Vendor: Provide Certified Responsible Vendor Training to our Restaurant clients and maintain appropriate paperwork to ensure compliance.


  • Facilitate Compliance Audits: On-site facilities audit to ensure a safe work place for employees.

  • Facilitate Compliance Investigations: Expert site management relating to compliance investigations and direct involvement with written reports and on-site mediation.

Risk Management:

  • Safety Programs: Facilitate and write client specific safety programs.

  • Unannounced Site Safety Audits: Perform on-site unannounced safety audits to ensure a safe work environment at client sites.

  • Loss Prevention Management: Work with client companies to develop, conduct and manage an over-all program to manage risk and exposures in the work place.

  • Workers' Compensation Claims Assistance: Utilized developed workers' compensation provider network to create a competitive cost environment.

Employee Handbook

Offer a customized handbook that provides guidelines for employees that meet the specifications of our client companies.

SUTA Administration:

CHRG is well-versed in every state's unemployment policies. We can manage your required duties/filings in each state. Court Hearings, etc.: Handle paperwork associated with unemployment claims, denial of claims, unemployment hearings and appeals.

Human Resource Management

Pay Go Workers' Compensation Insurance

Coastal HR has developed a Master Workers' Compensation Program giving each client company its own policy managed by Coastal HR.

  • No Deposit Premium or Down Payment eliminating upfront cash requirements

  • Coastal HR audits monthly premium for Audit purposes - The client company sees no year end Audit

  • 'Pay As You GO' by calculating Workers' Compensation premium payments with each payroll, overpayments and underpayments are virtually eliminated. Premiums are based on actual, not estimated payroll data. This can improve company cash flow since premiums are spread out over each pay period. Coastal HR will administer premium payments for your carrier, This program diminishes the burden of writing separate checks to the carrier and also decreases the risk of late payment policy cancellations.

Commercial Insurance

Coastal partners with leading insurance agencies in our area to provide you with competitive quotes on all phases of commercial insurance as needed to include:

  • Property

  • Auto

  • Liability

  • Others

Risk Management:

Let our experienced Risk Managers help you:

  • Evaluation of Existing Coverage(s)

  • Competitive Alternative Quotes Available

  • Insurance Policy Evaluation and Consultation

Pay Go Workers'

Responsible Vendor Training

The Alabama Responsible Vendor Program is a voluntary program that allows licensees to become certified through the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. Alabama’s program requires the licensee to train all employees who are involved in the management, sale and/or service of alcoholic beverages. This training includes Alabama alcoholic beverage laws, legal age determination, civil and criminal penalties, and risk reducing techniques. Licensees who voluntarily join the program are also required to establish policies ensuring legal, responsible sales and to train employees in these policies.

It is prohibited for persons under the age of 21 to dispense or serve alcohol. The only exception is that licensees who hold a retail restaurant license (020 license type) and are certified in the Responsible Vendor Program, may hire 19 and 20 year old servers.

For more information, see the Alabama Responsible Vendor Act.

Image by Dylan Gillis

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