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Time Clock

The idea of “clocking-in to work” requires the employee to physically be present in the workspace. At the time of entering and exiting the workplace, their personal information is taken down for proof of the number of work hours for the day. Time clocks look different for each employer, but they are an efficient way to track down hours for each employee. 

Intertwined System

Time clocks at Coastal Human Resources make payroll processing easier and faster. Our built-in software allows for not only tracking hours, but making the smooth transition from time and scheduling to the payroll system.

Employee Benefits

All employees benefit from the use of time clocks.

  • Intended for individual use to avoid “buddy punching for another employee”

  • Union and non-union workers included

  • Certified biometric fingerprint scanning ensures the employee is physically present

  • Face recognition feature is also available

  • Remote workers can still use the same time clock method as on-site employees

  • Mobile check-in options create an easy and faster routine compared to traditional time clocks

  • Overtime hours are locked in the system

  • Ability to schedule a given time for lunch breaks

  • Saves time from word of mouth or wrongful attendance

Differentiate Jobs

Businesses that have an array of job industries can use time clocks all under the same system.

  • Track traveling workers from one location to the next with the use of mobile time clocks for real-time attendance

  • GPS-enabled features included

Includes All Departments

Employers will usually have different departments under one branch. Time clocks look no different for each department which helps maximize payroll reports.

  • Indoor and outdoor time clock placements help employees clock-in no matter where they are

  • Time clocks can withstand all weather conditions and are energy efficient

  • Text messaging options available for on-site communication


Time clocks have two divisions:

  • Ability to supply time clocks to include a biometric fingerprint option

  • Ability to upload information from time clock to payroll system online ensuring accuracy

Provide More For Your Business

A time clock’s purpose should provide more for your growing business.

  • Avoid employee time theft which can negatively impact your business’s finances

  • Manage specific times and dates with easy scheduling

  • Watch your ROI increase as you track productivity between timesheets

  • Invest in a time clock software that works best around business needs

  • Become more productive and save time between payroll records

  • Provide a safe privacy guarantee to your employees with time clock accuracy

  • Everyone gains independence, making for a better work environment

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Install our latest time clocks for the most accuracy across all employees and departments for your business.

Email us at or call us toll-free at 1-888-757-7444. We’re here to help ensure that all your human resources needs are met!

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