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Sick Leave, Vacation, Personal Time Tracking

Even in a good thriving company, emergencies are bound to happen. Coastal Human Resources helps you include sick leave, vacation, personal time and tracking into the payroll process. Give your employees the benefits they deserve by embodying a healthy work environment for all. 


Turn your business into a workforce that embodies company culture and employer compliance.

Create and Customize Policies

  • Attach employee information to policies that you can customize such as adding grace periods or parental leave.

  • Track sick leave, paid leave and vacation for record keeping on the software and on the cloud.

Adhere to Lawful Compliance Requirements

  • Provide accurate information to employees with compliance requirements. These can include when employees can start using accrued paid sicks days after a certain period of time.

  • Adhere to lawful compliance requirements as you train staff and employees to know their rights. These include payroll for tax reliefs on viruses and global pandemic crises such as COVID-19.

  • Check for company policies and see what laws go into effect based on your state that cover eligible employees.

Maintain Proper Records

In the case that an employee files a dispute, the employer must maintain proper records including all payroll wages, pay period for each calendar day, time earnings and more to determine if a violation was made. HR can take care of such records to avoid penalties.

Make Payroll Easy

  • Anticipate scheduling and payroll ahead of time, or for on the spur notices, to keep up and continue with payments as usual.

  • Adjust wages as they go up by state law or by employee promotion.

  • Make flexible scheduling possible for those employees who choose to use these benefits and change times interchangeably.

Reduce Turnaround Times

Did you know?

  • Company stability is wrapped around financial and successful planning.

  • Not overlooking employees needs is a pivotal part to working towards a better employee engagement.

  • You can help reduce turnaround times by giving employees a sense of control and engaging in communicative solutions.

Prioritize Health

Sick leave, vacation and personal time off are considered a common standard and a state law for most small and medium businesses.
Encourage prioritizing health on the job by:

  • Educating employees on maintaining a proper sanitary work environment and personal hygiene.

  • Allowing personal time off for mental health days.

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