Coastal HR Services


Coastal Human Resource Group, Inc. is a Human Resource Outsourcer (HRO). We serve as a full-service human resources department for small and medium sized businesses throughout the Southeast.

Payroll Processing

There is virtually no wait with immediate turn-around processing time. You will have personal service with an experienced payroll clerk specifically assigned to your company.

Direct Deposit

This offers employees faster access to their wages by electronically depositing their pay into as many as four designated accounts. Eliminates long waits on check-cashing lines each payday, also eliminates the chance of lost or stolen paychecks.

Paper Checks

Employees checks are issued on a CHRG account at a local bank in your area. This will save employers the administrative burden of issuing paychecks. The check and detailed check stub is delivered to your location ready on your designated payday.

Pay Cards

If your employee does not have a checking account and they want direct deposit then we can set them up with a pay card that can act as a debit card.

Sick Leave, Vacation, Personal Time Tracking

We can track this and report on employees check stubs.

Payroll Reports

All the Payroll Reports You Need. (Customized as Needed).

Year-End Tax Reports

Year-End W-2 and 1099 printing which will eliminate time spent setting up and printing.

Payroll Audits

Quarterly Audits by Independent Accounting Firm to verify that Governmental Taxes were paid. A CPA firm audits our payroll tax records quarterly and sends you a report showing your taxes have been paid.

Payroll Tax Deposits

No longer required to make Payroll Tax Deposits to Federal, State or Local Governments. We take responsibility for all funded payroll taxes.

Payroll Taxes and Filing

No longer have to file 941 (Federal Taxes), 940 (Federal Unemployment), State Unemployment and Local Tax Returns. Our services includes all of these filings.

Web Access

  • Ability to print Payroll Reports
  • Employer Payroll Information
  • Employees able to check current and year to date information
  • Employee able to print copies of W-2's
  • Submit payroll information via our Web-Based Software

Certified Payrolls

Ability to process Certified Payrolls for Government Work.

Time clocks

  • Employees
  • Jobs
  • Departments
  • Divisions
    • Ability to supply time clocks to include bio-metric (Fingerprint).
    • Ability to upload information from time clock to payroll system online assuring accuracy.