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Payroll Taxes

The number one reason small and medium-sized businesses enjoy using an outsourcer for payroll processing is because it makes payroll taxes and filing easier. Employers receive more time to keep up with sales, clients and ROI.

No Filing Requirements Needed

By law, the IRS will ask to obtain payroll tax and filing reports. At Coastal Human Resources, we file for you on your behalf, saving you time and money from completing it yourself. Types of filing we administer include:

  • Form 941 (federal taxes, also known as FICA tax returns) 

  • Form 940 (federal unemployment, otherwise known as FUTA tax returns)

  • State unemployment

  • Local tax returns

HR Payroll Tax and Filing Responsibilities

Since HR is responsible for your business’s payroll taxes and filing, there are certain requirements we process:

  • Federal and state taxes including records obtained by the business owner (reports are made to the allotted agency)

  • Employee compensation

  • Report income

  • File periodic returns

  • Employee withholdings and the amount payable to contractors if applicable

Social Security and Medicare Taxes Included

Both employers and employees must pay a certain amount on social security and medicare taxes. These taxes are entered into our software and processed in the payroll system and include:

  • Payroll tax liability

  • Tax deposits made through the Federal Electronic Tax Payment System (EFTPS) Please note: federal tax deposits are made on a periodic basis.

  • Federal tax return (made on a quarterly and annually basis)

Supply Necessary Employee Forms

By supplying the necessary employee/contractor forms to the corresponding individual, it is one less worry you will have to face. The obligated forms include a wage and tax statement (W-2), Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements (W-3) or Form 1099-MISC for independent contractors. Employee forms are subject to:

  • Filing, copies and corrections

  • Taxable compensation

Avoid Late Penalties and Payments

Preparation of proper documentation and reports helps to avoid late penalties and payments. HR works to file on time by looking at the tax calendar due dates provided by the IRS. No need to worry about next business day, holiday exceptions or making in-person deposits as all deposits are done for you.

Safe and IRS Compliant

We make the calculations, reporting and information returns on-time and in a safe way according to state and federal law. Coastal HR proudly provides services to businesses that fulfill payroll requirements and are IRS compliant.

Avoiding Penalties and Debt

Not making payroll tax deposits on time can incur a penalty or even garnishments. These are the most common reasons why a business may be penalized:

  • Overdue/late submission (each calendar day that is late increases the percentage of a higher tax penalty)

  • The trust fund penalty applies to those who do not pay 100 percent of the tax due

  • Failing to respond to corresponding notices and letters made by the IRS

Affordable Rates

By keeping payroll taxes and filing at an affordable rate, more businesses rely on an outsourcing company like Coastal Human Resources to make tax solutions possible through our certified trusted staff.

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