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Payroll Reports

Make the most out of payroll reports that everyone can be sure to count on. Coastal Human Resources allows for full customization as needed for an easy, time-saving, user-friendly experience.


Businesses will have full control over pay cycles, and overtime, know what is expected once completing the required steps. Our software is designed to pick up on repetitive salary processing, making it easier to recognize individual employee reports.

Straightforward Process

  • No need to stress over where to start. The software program used for payroll reports requires just a few clicks to complete. At a glance, the process looks as shown:

  • Manage employee hours by reporting them directly to the program.

  • Choose desired pay periods and pay dates from month to month.

  • Determine all aspects of each employee profile, which includes incomes, overtime, half time, net pay and deductions.

  • Revise and finalize payroll reports.

  • Print reports as needed and save pay cycles for future records.

  • Pay your employees with a check or direct deposit.

Accessible Pay Stubs

Employees’ number one concern is proof of their pay stubs, especially when tax season rolls around. We make statements possible with easy printing of W-2 forms, or any other type of forms, option to send it through e-mail or mail to the employee home address. Payroll reports also include employee verification upon request.

Secure Solutions

Small and medium-sized businesses trust in our services for secure solution purposes. With the help of our certified staff, templates are made safe for social security and any IRS tax information. Everything is stored on the cloud so any third-party or external access is not permitted.

Unlimited Enrollment

Adding new employees to the team, mid-year? There is an unlimited number of employees you can register and add for enrollment. You can also complete unlimited payroll reports.

IRS Compliant

No need for surprises. Should payroll report laws ever change, our system automatically sends you the new state law regulations and requirements.

Worker's Compensation Included

Did you know, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, payroll employment declined by 140,000 in December of 2020 due to Covid-19? Payroll reports are included for compensation insurance purposes so that regular payout is administered on time.

Calculations Made Easy

With integrated calculations, you no longer need to manually make each summary as it adds the values for you. You can double-check that payroll records match when you complete the cycle.

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