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Payroll Processing

Companies who value what they stand for tend to also value their employees. Employees look for transparency with their work while business owners look for trustworthy time sensitive systems for better exchange of information. Going to great lengths to complete payroll is of the past. Look no further as we bring you an innovative way to choose payroll processing so that you can have time to focus on things that matter most.

Coastal Human Resources brings you easy and convenient payroll solutions for small and medium-sized businesses with the following:

Reliable Outsourcing Services

  • Create a stress-free payroll processing system with immediate turn-around and processing times. 

  • Included is a personal service with an experienced payroll clerk that is assigned to your company.

All Under One Umbrella

Human resources takes care of all the administrative and accounting functions so that every payroll arrives on time. With certified professionals, having to hire multiple tiers of line work becomes easier. 

Payment Processing: Electronic, Easy Swipe and Local Access

Automate your experience as you approach payroll processing.

  • Payroll processing also gives you many features and benefits such as direct deposits, reports and pay cards. 

  • The software system allows third-party access to payroll frequency which will provide you with month and quarterly status. 

Tax Deposits and Filing

All branches of payroll taxes are covered so you can simplify your filing need for end of the year deductions and tight deadlines. 

Track and Report

Having trouble keeping track of changes made nearing payroll? We found a structure that will work for you and any legal concerns including a safe and secure software used by top registered businesses.

  • Employers and employees benefit from the visible outsourcing payroll with income, overtime, sick leave, vacation and even personal time off.

  • Reduced costs and less time for DIY payroll allows for less mistakes and avoiding any governmental penalties. 

Custom Business Advantage

Small and medium business owners can use payroll processing for check purposes, pay periods and information including insurance, and even create salary increases.

Alignment, Web Access and Time Clocks

  • Did you know alignment with recurring bills and payment cycles helps the payroll process run smoothly? Outsourcing reduces risks of wrongful dates when it comes to editing. 

  • Do more with full web access and time clocks for faster employee entries and changes as needed. 


Employee turnaround times can delay payroll processing at a larger cost. Avoid the hassle and take control of the resources available today.

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