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Payroll Audits

All businesses need to have a payroll audit on board to confirm and add a sense of security. Coastal Human Resources uses a third-party service made by an Independent Accounting Firm to verify quarterly audits on paid governmental taxes. Certified Public Accountants (CPA) firms, also help with audit payroll tax records.


A frequently asked question made by business owners is: “What are the exact benefits of payroll audits?”. While there are many, one can never avoid taxes as it is our public duty to pay the government as stated. Therefore, the firm will work to complete its due diligence and maintain future progress.

Works As A Record-Keeping Sake

As authorities work hard with compliance, so do CPA firms. Payroll audits works like a record-keeping safe to look over solutions and for proof of paid taxes.

Maintains Employee Accuracy

Employees expect to get paid the amount they are told. If not, the business’s finance will soon go down with a bad reputation. Payroll audits help maintain employee accuracy within their means of accounting and staying on budget.

Helps Improve Profits

Whether it is worker’s compensation for the employee or wrongful claims for the employer, payroll audits oversee and help improve business profits by building a financial strategy.

Promotes Compliance

Abiding by state laws is an important role business must make to promote compliance. Payroll audits combined with completing tax services ensure this is possible. Some tax services that are covered through payroll firms include:

  • Reduction of tax liabilities

  • Provide federal, state and local tax returns

Values Financial Statements

To avoid a financial crisis or take better control of payroll, CPA firms offer services towards payroll audits that provide value to financial statements.

  • Audits-oversees financial cash flows, sudden changes and reports.

  • Reviews-looks over any financial stance and assess company records by administering tests

  • Represents-at times, a firm may have to stand before a business to simply represent any company records

Manages Bank Reviews

Transactions made between banks when administering payroll requires careful management of bank reviews. To get the most out of this service, a payroll audit is highly advisable.

Reduces Manual Errors

Although our smart software program works to innovatively update payroll with a few clicks, at times, employers may manually input the wrong numbers. This could sometimes cause a slight error resulting in a noticeable difference in the budget. The upside to having a CPA working with payroll audits is that they can oversee these mistakes and reduce manual errors altogether.

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