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Paper Checks

One of the other ways businesses can pay their employees is through paper checks. Unlike past paper checks that used to weigh downtime spent on writing information out and issuing checks, this new method is made easier. 

With a simple connection to the employee’s account and nearest local bank, Coastal Human Resources is able to issue checks without the hassle.


Live the American dream of a business owner knowing their rights for organizations to provide paper checks as an alternative option to employees. This advanced version of paper checks ensures privacy and safety between employees, employers and bank accounts. As a reminder, some states do require employers to provide pay stubs to employees so remain on the lookout for lawful compliance.

Regular Delivery

Concerned about employee wages coming in on time? Delivery is made regularly without having to physically leave your facility. Both checks and pay stubs are conveniently delivered right at your hands.

Saves Time

Saving time is crucial for any business looking to shift their focus elsewhere. Paper checks give you this opportunity by:

  • Avoiding errors made when issuing checks 

  • Continue payments as usual

  • No direct deposit fees 

  • Best for practices that fall under small or medium businesses

Easy Set Up

Paper checks are just as easy at direct deposits in the sense that they require only a few steps and will still give your employees the privacy they deserve. 

  1. Connect payroll software program to printing systems with added templates as a bonus. 

  2. Bookkeeping at a lower cost with no penalties on providing mandatory pay stubs. 

  3. At a glance or detailed views of wages.

Good For Record Keeping

Employees no longer have to ask HR for pay stubs. They will automatically receive pre-printed physical copies and it will usually contain confidential information as follows:

  • Pay rates

  • Pay periods

  • Deductions

  • Salary and overtime pay

Employees find paychecks and pay stubs a helpful tool to show when buying a new home for proof of income and being eligible for credit lines.

Employee Flexibility and Security

  • Direct deposit should not be the only option for payroll processing. Employees receive flexibility with past checks and pay stubs that can be easily printed when needed. 

  • Security is still a main priority as a processing service for human resources. We keep up with labor laws while still providing pay stubs even though they are not supplied. Alabama is considered a state with no pay stub requirements, not an access state.

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