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Direct Deposit

We want you to become efficient in the way you set up your payroll for direct deposit. The payment option is an easier alternative in today’s growing economy and is used more than any other type of payment payout option on the market. The setup is easy and requires only confidential information, U.S. registered bank and ACH transaction features. Through payroll processing, you will receive perks like using direct deposit for your employees. It is quick, easy and a convenient way to set up a system that offers access to wages electronically.

Statements Made Easy

  • Not only are trips to the bank made easy, but so are statements for both parties

  • Manage all employee statements and cash flow without having to write checks.

  • Edit any errors and employee wages as you go for more control in any business.

  • No testing transactions needed as our system is reliable and works to decrease the risk of loss or stolen paychecks.

  • Ready when you are. There is no wait time once payroll rolls around and direct deposits hit the employees’ account.

Employees Receive Funds Faster

  • Do you find yourself running out of time to catch up on your payroll direct deposits during tax season? Employees will no longer wait for what they earned.

  • All forms of direct deposit payment plans allow employees to receive funds faster without having to make trips to the bank. Funds such as federal benefits or one-time payments all are payable under direct deposit. Plus, it is safer than checks.

Set Up Transfers Effortlessly

Set-up transfers effortlessly between your savings account and automatic transfers.

Save Time With More Accounts

Make timely payment periods possible. Deposit and authorize as many as four separate accounts without having to wait in a long line for cashing checks on payday.

Protects Against Frauds

While direct deposit offers easy benefits, we would never want you to run into any type of fraud. Human Resources can talk you through the limits and amount of money you can put towards your small or medium business when using direct deposits. This way, any increases are adjusted as necessary.

Go Green

Do you want to aim to reduce carbon footprint for your small and medium business? Direct deposit is a great paperless option that:

  • Reduces paper product

  • Creates a positive green credential towards conscious living

  • Cut down on office space and switch to a software program instead. Everything is saved to the cloud making it easier to write off deposits even with high turnover rates.

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