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Certified Payroll

Certified payrolls, also known as a federal payroll report, are an important payroll process that is delivered by employers to the government for corresponding funding projects. 
Please note: Certified payrolls do not replace general payroll. They are intended for federal purposes only. 

Who Qualifies?

In order to qualify, sign and submit a certified payroll, the following classifications apply and are not applicable to the public:

  • Contractors

  • Subcontractors

  • Federally funded projects with over 2k valued contracts

Enhanced Automation Software Features

Coastal Human Resources has the ability to process weekly certified payroll reports with enhanced software features. Through form WH-347, multiple employee information is registered into the system. These include:

  • Employee wages

  • Benefits

  • Number of hours worked per week

  • Overtime hours

  • Job codes

  • Compliance statement

Save Time

Inputting employee information into form WH-347 is known to be a lengthy process with up to two pages worth of information. Getting an outsourcer to fill this information for you will save you a vast amount of time with delivery. Other information to look out for:

-Reporting details about the business, federal project, deductions, fringe benefits and work classifications.

Since labor duties will vary amongst employees, it is important to take note of specific job tasks for each individual. This will be asked on the form and can save you time if you know beforehand. 


The U.S. Department of Labor requires that all certified payroll information is accurate in order to avoid penalties. To ensure accuracy, Coastal Human Resources works to avoid penalties typically found by:

  • Not paying employees the full prevailing wage

  • Not classifying workers correctly

  • Incomplete record keeping with the amount of employee working hours

  • Not having a copy of proper apprenticeship documentations

  • Not submitting certified payroll weekly

  • Failure to show a wage determination on the Davis-Bacon poster

Adherence To Prevailing Wage Law

Under the Davis-Bacon Act, each state must adhere to the prevailing wage law. The act does not determine the prevailing wage for construction workers and other similar workers based on a state but rather through a survey that works around the current economy. Below are known facts that pertain to the DBA:


  • Union and nonunion laborers are included in the act

  • The federally assisted program mostly works as a loan for construction projects

  •  Includes both basic hourly rates and fringe benefits for employees

  • Projects such as construction, repairs, painting or decorating of public buildings are permitted

  • Occupations such as laborers, plumbers and mechanics are to be paid following the prevailing wage

Image by Jp Valery

If you have applied for a loan and have been approved for a federally funded construction project, you will need to submit certified weekly payrolls.

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