Why You Should Have A Great Employee Handbook

Why You Should Have A Great Employee Handbook


The second most important thing next to your company is your employees. Not only are they an essential part of the company, but they will ultimately dictate how to move forward with the help of an employee handbook. So why do you need a grand manual? Read the reasons below.


Makes an impressive first view

If you want your employee handbook to stand out, make sure to make it visually appealing by adding an aesthetically pleasing design, an easy to read template and graphics/video content if possible. It makes for an impressive first view and adds a glimpse of what your company culture is all about. Plus, it adds an experience that makes your employees feel engaged and excited to move forward.


Highlights company’s story

How did it all begin? Why is the company’s origin so influential? By including the history of the company, employees get to look back at the reason why they chose to work for the organization in the first place and how its history can continue to inspire them and fulfill a successful workplace environment.


Discloses policies/procedures

Often employees will become overwhelmed with learning all of the new company’s policies/procedures. In the handbook, these items and along with other useful information should be written as a reminder. Things like taking vacation time off, working overtime and expense reports should also be included.


Works as an employee guide

Leading new employees in the right direction is another reason why a handbook will come in handy. Training is a time-consuming task that will require most or all of your attention. And while training is a great way to get employees up to par with the company’s protocols, the handbook is a helpful way to guide them on what is expected from the hiring process to onboarding. Think of it as orientation day!


Required risk management document

In order to lower risks and protect legal disputes that come with employee claims and insurance liabilities, an employee handbook is recommended and required by most human resource departments and for business employment purposes. The employee handbook will serve as a proof document whenever needed.


If you require help in developing an excellent employee handbook for your company, we are here to help you create it! As a Human Resource Outsourcer, we specialize in all things human resource departments, including using handbooks as a course you can give to your employees.


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