Why use a time and attendance software?

Why use a time and attendance software?


When you own a business you usually end up wearing a lot of hats. If you don’t have a dedicated human resources department, or if your team is small and stretched thin, sometimes one of those hats includes scheduling employees, tracking their hours and finding people to fill shifts. 


Let’s imagine you have an employee scheduled for an 8-hour shift tomorrow morning, and they’ve suddenly called in sick. You try to call in some replacements, but one has already worked 40 hours this week and the other is scheduled off for a doctors appointment. Instead of staring at calendars and spreadsheets for the rest of the night trying to figure out how to fill the gap, you could be using time and attendance software. 


Time and attendance software allows you to track your employees work hours, ensure they are taking proper breaks, see when they are off and adjust scheduling accordingly. This means you will know exactly how many hours they worked and when so you can make sure their paychecks reflect that time. This will allow them to feel at ease knowing their work is being counted and they are being paid correctly and it saves you from having to keep track of it all the old fashion way. 


Not only will time and attendance software save you time, but it will help you ensure you are following both labor laws and company policies. Tracking time and attendance is also helpful for better understanding your business operations through reporting. 


By using a time and attendance software you take the guesswork out of scheduling employees, which in turn, makes their life a little bit easier. At Coastal Human Resources Group, we can make sure your time and attendance software is the best it can possibly be. Here are a few of the key features we can offer you: 


Easily Schedule Employees Shifts - drag and drop functionality lets you easily rearrange employee shifts when you need them.


Eliminate Overstaffing - prevent overstaffing, reduce overtime and quickly identify gaps in coverage before it’s too late.


Make Updates from Anywhere - when your time and attendance software is cloud-based, you can access it 24/7 and make changes whenever and wherever.




Looking to implement time and attendance software or a variety of other human resources services into your business? Contact Coastal Human Resources Group today. Our professionally trained team of HR experts are ready to help you make your business thrive!