Why Taking Paid Time Off is So Important

Taking paid time off


Some of us feel we can do it all. But trying to balance work and life can take a toll on us if we do not take time for ourselves. Encouraging your employees to utilize paid time off is not only essential to their mental health but can also improve work efficiency. 

Improves Health and Work Productivity 
Neglecting paid time off (PTO) can have lasting effects on one's’ health. Employees who do not use paid vacation time are putting themselves at risk for severe health problems. People are likely to develop stress-induced ailments such stroke, diabetes, obesity, depression and anxiety due to an overworked schedule. 

Working year-round without an extended break not only affect one’s health but also the efficiency of the company. An employee with a vast workload may feel “overworked” which may lead to missed deadlines, assignment errors, absenteeism and a reduction in work performance.   

Studies have shown that people who take time off regularly are more motivated, healthier, have a better work and life balance, and help improve office morale. Ensure your employees that taking paid time off is not only essential to their wellbeing but could improve the work environment. 

Fraud Prevention 
Every year, millions of dollars are lost due to someone committing fraud in the office. Fraud is usually discovered when the person committing the fraud is out of the office and someone else has been assigned their job. An employee is less likely to continue a scam if they are not in the office. 

Helps Reduce Stress
Going through the daily grind along with demands of home life can leave a person feeling burnout. Employees who feel stressed are less productive and are more likely to be sick. Stress can also spread to everyone throughout the office.  If you recognize an employee who seems to be under a lot of pressure, encourage PTO. It can be a few days or even a full week. No matter the amount of time taken, your employee will return feeling refreshed and less stressed. 

An employee may feel apprehensive to take time off because they feel the office could fall apart. They may also fear losing their job. Cross-train employees so that when someone is out another employee can mirror their responsibilities. Reassure them that they will not get fired and that they won’t have to play catch-up when they return. 
Balancing work and life can take a toll on anyone. Offering paid time off to your employees will show that you understand and care about their health and livelihood. Your employees and business will reap the benefits if everyone takes a little time for themselves. 

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