Why Employees Leave Companies

Why employees leave companies


Company loyalty has changed - on both the part of the company and the employees. This list highlights some of the main reasons why employees leave their companies.

Relationship Issues 

An employee who has problems with their coworkers, and especially their bosses, are more likely to leave a company than an employee who gets along well with those around them. It is up to the managers and team leaders to ensure that employment disputes are handled quickly and fairly. Those in upper-level positions are charged with the responsibility of building team unity and morale so that each employee feels like they can trust those around them.

Corporate Culture 

The culture of a company refers to how they treat their employees and manage their business as a whole. If an employee feels that a company does not respect the individual’s time (expected overtime, mandatory meetings and activities that impede on family time, etc.), then the employee is likely to search for a company whose values line up more with their own. The same goes other company values like commitment to clients, fun in the workplace, integrity and others.

Search For Meaningful Work 

An employee is more satisfied in their job when they feel like their job has a purpose and a direct positive impact on society. When an employee cannot see themselves in the bigger picture of the company, or they feel like they are not doing something worthwhile, they are more likely to search for meaning elsewhere. A lack of challenge and/or independence in their work can also create a desire to leave. Employees who are bored with their work and have little to no say in how things are done are less likely to feel valued and important. 

Distrust of the Organization’s Stability

When an employee feels that they have seen the signs of financial instability at their company, they are likely to look elsewhere for work as they may worry about their financial stability. Bad press, consistently bad sales quarters, numerous shutdowns and layoffs are all warning signs that may trigger employees to search for work at other companies. It is up to those in positions of power to convince their employees that the changes being made will benefit the company. If employees cannot see a positive vision for the company’s future, they are unlikely to ride out the changes.

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