Why Choose Coastal HR for your employee benefits?

Why Choose Coastal HR for your employee benefits?

Corporate America has seen some of the toughest times thus far especially during a worldwide pandemic that struck due to Covid-19. But even long before this, there has always been a common denominator between businesses: finding the right type of PEO services and HR departments to fit a company’s needs without forgetting about their employee benefits. Many small and medium-sized businesses are taking advantage of the benefits offered by outsourcing companies such as Coastal HR.


Offers Best Employee Benefits on the Market

Coastal HR is a team of licensed professionals who offer one of the best employee benefits programs on the market in the Southeast Mobile, AL area. What does this mean for business owners? Through the employee benefits program known as a “progressive and innovative” market attraction, there is a known positive retention rate on the things that matter most. The program covers an array of benefits with helpful tips on how to achieve what employees are looking for. Take for example the option to work remotely during unprecedented times and better time off options so that vacation times, scheduling and unexpected life events are made easy. Money savvy retirement options with 401K plans and purchasing of health and medical insurances are also included. 


Full Management Lead

Management plays a big role in how benefits packages are handled. For Coastal HR, this means taking full control over annual and new enrollments, payroll deductions, reconciliation and even payments for the wide variety of insurance policies that are offered. The 125 Cafeteria Plan, for example, includes a flexible spending account with medical and child care reimbursements. This tends to put employees at ease while giving them the helping hand they need. By leading employers in the right direction towards a thriving job market, employees gain trust, confidence and a sense of security within their roles. 


Many Branches, Many Possibilities

Employee benefits and benefit packages here at Coastal HR fall under many branches, which means more possibilities to expand services beyond measure. The power of outsourcing these products then becomes an effective money-saving strategy that could save companies thousands of dollars each year. Coastal’s HR culture is driven by our curious minds that constantly work to ensure the employee has all the possibilities needed to succeed. By keeping in mind what employees want and need, we are better able to provide you with a strong foundation and an abundance of learning resources that go with your workplace for years to come. 

Become a leader in your business today and let us help you with human resource management. Coastal Human Resource Group, Inc. is a Human Resource Outsourcer (HRO). We serve as a full-service human resources department for small and medium-sized businesses throughout the Southeast which provides compliance screening as well as background checks. Visit www.Coastal-HR.com or call us toll-free at 1-888-757-7444. We’re here to help ensure that all your human resources needs are met.