What is included in compliance screening?

What is included in compliance screening?

Hiring employees can be a long and tedious process, and businesses want to make sure they are hiring the most qualified candidates possible. That means hiring employees who have the right training and experience and can be an asset to the company. One way to do this is to have potential employees complete a compliance screening prior to offering them the position.


A compliance screening often includes a variety of tests, checks and verifications. Compliance screenings differ from company to company depending on their policies and the position being filled. Here are a few of the things that may be included in a compliance screening.


Drug and Alcohol Testing - Many companies have strict drug and alcohol guidelines. This is a test that is done to confirm there has been no use of illegal substances within a certain period of time and that the potential employee is not under the influence. 


Criminal History - This portion will check for any criminal history such as arrest records and any charges the person may have had or currently has against them. 


Sex Offender Registry - For the safety of their employees, many companies will want to ensure the person they are considering hiring is not a registered sex offender. 


Worker Compensation History - Employers may check for previous workers’ compensation claims made by the candidate. If a candidate has a lot of claims they may be at high risk for the company. 


Motor Vehicle Record - If the position an employee is applying for includes driving a company car or operating other vehicles, a motor vehicle record can be pulled to verify a clean driving record.


Employment Verification - This will help verify the candidate’s previous work history confirming they have the experience they state on their resume. 


Education Confirmation - Verification of the potential employee’s education is also sometimes necessary. This will confirm what level of education they have and if their experience and training are fit for the position. 


Social Security/Name Trace - Also known as an alias search, this will uncover any previous names or alternate names used by the candidate to conduct more thorough searches in other areas. 

Every compliance screening will be different, depending on what the company needs and is looking for. Overall, compliance screenings allow businesses to understand the candidate as a whole and see if they are a good fit for the company and for the position. Coastal Human Resource Group, Inc. is a Human Resource Outsourcer (HRO). We serve as a full-service human resources department for small and medium sized businesses throughout the Southeast. Contact us today!