What Can You Do For Employees and Their Retirement Dreams?




Who doesn’t dream about retirement? It’s fun to think about what you will be doing and where in the future. If you are a business owner, you may feel you’re not offering your employees enough when it comes to their future financial plans. Help turn your employees’ retirement dreams into reality by using these helpful tips.


Establish an Employee Benefit Plan

If you do not already have a benefits plan set in place for your employees, it’s best to start one today! Benefit plans give employees access to health and life insurance policies as well as savings options such as 401Ks. A benefit specialist will coordinate and administer the best plans for your employees’ needs. A professional employer organization (PEO) such as Coastal Human Resources will assist your company in establishing a benefits plan for your staff.


Payroll Deductions

According to a financial survey conducted in 2017, approximately 68% of employees said they would feel more confident about enrolling in a retirement savings plan if the payment was automatically deducted. That is a contrast compared to the 56% of employees who say they are currently saving for retirement. By setting up automatic payroll deductions, your employees won’t have to think about setting aside money each month. Overtime, their contributions will add up and leave them a nice nest egg for the future. At Coastal Human Resources, we have a 401K plan option that comes at no cost to the employer. It gives businesses access to over fifty mutual fund options to choose from.  


Consulting a Financial Planner

A financial planner is a great resource for helping your employees pave the way to a more secure retirement plan. The planner can come onsite to your business and set aside one-on-one meetings with your employees. They can help your employees determine the best options for retirement including 401Ks and IRA savings accounts. A financial planner will assist your staff with their financial concerns and long-term goals.


Help your employees achieve a better retirement plan by providing them access to savings plans and better financial options. It will allow them to feel more secure in their position and about their future. We can help with any benefit enrolling needs you may have and will work with enrolling your employees in the best plans available. Contact us today to get your employees started on the path to a successful retirement!


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