Ways to Recognize Your Employees That Go Above and Beyond

Ways to recognize employees that go above and beyond


Employee recognition goes a long way. It boosts productivity, morale and overall performance. But some ways are more effective than others. Read on to find out some of the most beneficial ways to recognize employees.

Ask Your Employees

Everyone is motivated by different things. While one employee may be thrilled to receive a gift card to Target, another may prefer to have a trophy or plaque to display. Some employees enjoy the quiet acknowledgment of a job well done while others want their praises shouted from the rooftops. Find out what your employees want and go from there.

Online Shoutouts

Almost the whole world is online these days, and it is likely that your customers are visiting your social media pages and your website to check you out. These are great places to highlight and recognize your star employees. Give shoutouts on Facebook and Twitter. Tell the world a little about your employee and what they have accomplished. Reserve a space on your website’s homepage to highlight different employees - what makes them unique and what they bring to the table. 

Peer Recognition

While it is awesome to be recognized by superiors, there is something special about being recognized by peers. There’s also something special about being able to recognize one’s peers. Allow all of your team members the opportunity to recognize each other. This could be done during dedicated times at team meetings, through a company-wide “book” where members can come and write positive notes to others, or even through a point system where employees can reward other employees with points that are redeemable for actual prizes. Allowing employees to recognize their peers anonymously can go a long way as there is no feeling of self-gain or need for repaying the favor.

Make It Personal

Make the recognition personal to your company and to your employee. Thank the employee by name and even if you thank them online for the world to see, thank them in person. A genuine display of gratitude and understanding that your employees are real people and not just performers goes a long way. Making the recognition personal to your company helps to reinforce and encourage company values. Health companies may reward employees with discounted fitness memberships while an editor may reward their employees with business hours to work on personal writing projects. Align your rewards with company values as well as personal employee goals and watch productivity soar.

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