Ways to Give Back to Your Employees During the Holidays

Ways to Give Back to Your Employees During the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to start thinking about giving back. Who better to give to than the employees who make your company what it is, day after day. They are the backbone of your business and the holidays are the perfect time to show them how much you care and appreciate them. 


Holiday Party 


A great way to give back to employees is a holiday party. You can customize the celebration based on your company culture and location but it’s great to provide food, beverages, fun activities and prizes. Holiday parties are great for team building, mingling among departments and awarding outstanding employees. Holiday parties allow employees to take some time to enjoy their co-workers company, unwind, have fun and feel a sense of community. If your company is remote or working from home organize a themed Zoom party to keep the holiday spirit alive.


Give Extra Time Off


The holidays are best spent with family and some employees may just not have enough time off to do so. One great way to reward employees for a year well done is extra vacation time around the holidays. If your business is one that needs to be open right around the holidays, like a retail establishment, offer your employees a flex day they can use to see their family another time.


Give a Gift


Giving your employees a gift during the holiday season is a nice simple way to show you care. It can be hard to pick the right gift for all employees so universal things like gift cards are always a safe choice. Another great gift for remote or work from home employees is a stipend for home office sprucing up. 


Holiday Bonus


Similarly to giving a traditional gift it’s always nice to receive a bonus. Adding a holiday bonus to employees paychecks is a great way to show them you care. They can use this gift however they see fit and it may really help some employees during the holiday season.


Donate in Their Name


While less fun to receive a donation is a nice gesture. Donations are best paired with another form of giving to show your employees you care for them and your community. Give a donation in the name of each employee to a local charity or let employees choose the charity their donation goes to!


No matter how you choose to give back to your employees this holiday season make sure they know you care and that they are the reason your business is a success. 

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