Timesimplicity Explained and Why You Need It

Timesimplicity Explained and Why You Need It


If you are a manager of a team that works off of a weekly or monthly schedule, you may have heard of TimeSimplicity. If you are still using an excel document, a white board or even print off papers for your employees, give your method of creating a schedule an upgrade and allow yourself more time to get work done.


What is TimeSimplicity?


TimeSimplicity is a simple and affordable advanced scheduling service that creates a weekly schedule based on employee’s availability. TimeSplicity is a website, so there is no expensive software installation required.


Why TimeSimplicity?


Shifts are fully customizable in the website and can be easily recreated for the following weeks. By simply dragging and dropping, shifts can be moved around and swapped with other employees. Contacts are saved in the website, so managers are able to communicate with staff through texting or email, without leaving the site.


Last Minute Open Shifts Causing a Problem?


Staff members having to call out is not a problem for managers who use TimeSimplicity. With a simple click of a button, supervisors are able to send out a mass text or email to all employees with times available during the shift.


Never Over-Schedule Staff Members.


If a manager tries to schedule an employee outside of their availability, TimeSimplicity will send a pop-up reminder to alert the manager to clarify. This avoids scheduling staff members while they are busy and prevents shift changes after the schedule is posted.


What is the Best Fit Wizard?


TimeSimplicity’s Best Fit Wizard, displays who is able to work a shift by showing when employees are available and who has not reached their hourly limit. This feature is perfect for managers trying to fill a hole in the schedule. Supervisors can simply select the needed positions and the open shift and Best Fit Wizard will display all matching employees. If needed, Best Fit Wizard will also show who is in need of overtime pay.


Does TimeSimplicity Allow Time Off Requests?


Yes! Everyone needs a vacation sometime. TimeSimplicity has a user friendly feature for employees to easily block off the shifts they will be unavailable and submit a time off request to the scheduler. TimeSimplicity will also remember approved requests off and will not allow managers to schedule an employee during approved time off.


TimeSimplicity is the best way for managers to utilize their time and efforts in scheduling employees. Streamline your business’s scheduling process with TimeSimplicity by eliminating the manual aspects of creating your weekly schedule.

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