Thinking Outside the Box! Most Progressive and Innovative Employee Benefits You Should Offer

Thinking outside the box


Today’s job market is competitive and not with just potential candidates. Companies are offering more unique benefits in order to attract the best employees. People are choosing more flexibility and a relaxed atmosphere over higher salaries. Check out these unique benefits to help recruit the top talent your company needs. 

Work from Home

Say the words “work from home” and you will definitely a potential employee’s attention. In this digital world, we are all connected by technology in some way. Working from home may provide a better environment with less chatter and distraction. Consult with your IT department on the possibility of offering work from home options.

Bring Your Pet

Every June, some companies participate in the annual “Take Your Dog to Work Day.” What if you allowed employees to bring Fido to work every day? Some businesses offer dog parks and playdates for their pooches. Talk with current employees about allergies and get the OK before enacting this new benefit.

Casual Wear

The thought of “Casual Friday” can elicit a feeling of Christmas morning excitement for workers. Allowing your employees to dress casually during the week could lead to a more relaxed atmosphere. Collect a monetary donation for a local nonprofit and in exchange employees can wear jeans on a Friday. Enforce a set of rules as to not take away from the professional appearance of your company.

Free Coffee and Snack Bar

If there is one thing people love more than free coffee, it’s free food. Arrange a nice selection of treats and beverages for your employees in the breakroom. Also, provide a catered lunch every Friday as a way to kick off the weekend. 

Better Time Off Options

Employees take their vacation time very seriously. Not enough time off and you may be left with people who feel overworked and fatigued. Offer employees more flexible vacation options so they can return feeling motivated and refreshed. Reduce your business hours on Fridays or allow employees to work a flexible schedule during the holidays. Some companies are also offering more maternity and paternity leave for new parents.

Organize a Game Day or Sports Team

Remember “field day” in elementary school? Who wouldn’t want to release some energy by playing a round of dodgeball? Or possibly something less dangerous, organize a company softball or basketball team. This is a great way to encourage team building and interaction among employees.

The current low unemployment rate means that companies are having to find more creative ways to lure new employees to their company. Thinking beyond the traditional salary and healthcare paradigm has proved to be a motivating factor for attracting top talent.  

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