Things that are Considered Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual Harassment in the workplace


Sexual harassment issues have unfortunately become a large problem for businesses. It’s important as an employee to know what is considered sexual harassment in the workplace, in order to determine if you are being subjected to a behavior that is unacceptable. When it comes to sexual harassment, there are two types: quid pro quo harassment and hostile work environment.

Quid pro quo harassment is when a supervisor’s request for sexual favors results in a tangible job action. For example, if your boss says to you: “I’ll give you a raise if you sleep with me,” that is quid pro quo harassment. Hostile work environment would be an instance where an employee has been subjected to unwelcome physical or verbal conduct that is in a sexual nature.

Keep reading as we dive deeper into things that are considered sexual harassment in the workplace.

Examples of Sexual Harassment

Butt slapping, unwanted kisses and other forms of sexual advances are obviously forms of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can also include uninvited touching, sexual suggestions or cornering someone in their office or an area, trying to make advancements. Other examples of sexual harassment can be:

  • Making sexual jokes
  • Asking employees questions about their sex life
  • Talking about how attractive an employee is in front of another person you work with
  • Leaving an employee unwanted gifts that have a sexual or romantic vibe
  • Sending employees emails or text messages that suggest sexual things
  • Repeatedly touching an employee who does not want to be touched
  • Continuously complimenting an employee’s looks and appearance
  • Comments that are sexist in nature

Sexual harassment can come in many forms and may not always be initiated by an employee or supervisor. There are also instances where a client may try to make sexual advances towards you, which is also illegal and your employer’s responsibility to put an end to the problem. No matter your gender, sexual harassment is never okay and you should not be made to feel like it is.

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