The Future of Human Resources

The Future of Human Resources


For years, human resources has played a significant role in the functionality of a company. And while the necessity of human resources will never go away, big changes are in store for the way things are done. From enhanced technology to increased use of social media, you may be surprised at what the future holds for human resources.


Utilizing Cloud-Based Technology

Human resources has become more technology driven thanks to the increased use of cloud-based software. This type of technology allows employees to access their information anytime, anywhere at their convenience. Features include accessing payroll, timekeeping and benefits enrollment. At Coastal Human Resources, we provide cutting-edge, cloud-based software that offers many benefits to you and your employees. Employees enter a secure company portal that provides easy access to their information, schedules and time entry.


Enhanced Online Payroll Systems

With increased enhancements in technology over the years, processing payroll has become easier and more efficient. The products offered by Coastal Human Resources will make processing your company’s payroll a breeze. Gone are the days of scribbled time sheets and schedules. Our TimeWorksPlus software offers real-time access to your payroll platform so you can make schedule changes and view your employees’ attendance.


Using Social Media as a Recruitment Tool

It comes to no surprise that classified ads are starting to make their way to social media platforms such as Facebook and even Instagram. With everyone using social media these days, why not take the opportunity to use it to find new talent? Human resources gurus are using social media as a recruitment tool to gain top talent in their company’s field. This will not only help cast a wider net for potential employees but will help your company build a “fanbase” as well.



A majority of companies embrace the idea of having an on-staff human resources manager. Unfortunately, most budgets do not allow for the additional salary. More and more companies are turning to outsourcing groups like Coastal Human Resources because of the improved efficiency and cost savings benefits. Outsourcing helps take the load off of handling human resources tasks and the businessowners so they can focus on growing their company. A group of human resources professionals will work to complete complex tasks such as tax filing and managing compliance.


At Coastal Human Resource Group, we are excited about the future of our industry and what these enhancements can do for your business. Using our group of experts to handle your employees’ needs will help streamline your company’s workflow, saving you time and money.

Coastal Human Resource Group, Inc. is a Human Resource Outsourcer (HRO). We serve as a full-service human resources department for small and medium-sized businesses which provide compliance screening as well as background checks. Visit or give us a call at 251-478-7444. We’re here to help ensure that all your human resources needs are met.