Signs an Employee Needs to Be Put on a Performance Improvement Plan

Performance improvement plan


A Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), is a formality a company uses to address performance issues and deficiencies with an employee. These are not to cause alarm but are designed to help employees with their weaknesses and get them back on track. Before issuing a plan,  it is important to recognize the signs and implement changes.

Does Not Complete Tasks

Work that goes unfinished can be detrimental to a department. If an important deadline is missed because work was not completed, it could have lasting effects on the company. If a manager has discussed this issue with an employee and it goes unnoticed, then it is time to address it. Find out why the employee is not completing their assigned work. Do they not have enough time? Have they lost motivation? Do they not understand the scope of the assignment? Outlining the reason will give you and the manager insight into why the employee does not complete their work.

Decline in Quality of Work

Sometimes life gets in the way and that can have an overall effect on one’s work performance. Usually, a decline in an employee’s quality of work can be the result of personal matters, changes in management or they may not find the job fulfilling anymore. Talk with the employee about the decline in production and question what has changed (you do not have to delve in deeply but it may help if the employee feels comfortable opening up). Stress the importance of why quality matters and how a decline can have negative effects.

Poor Time Management

The employee may be completing quality work but is that person rushing to meet a deadline? How long does the employee stay after hours to complete a project? Is that employee utilizing the use of his or her time efficiently? Is the employee continuously late to work or do they seem rushed when they do arrive at work? These are all examples of a person who may have poor time management issues. If this is not addressed in a PIP, then it could lead to missed deadlines and projects not being completed on time. Speak with the employee on ways to better organize time so important tasks are not rushed. Remember, there is always room for improvement and sometimes even good employees are subject to a PIP.

Don’t ignore the issues that can manifest into bigger problems in the future. Issuing a PIP will give an employee the chance to succeed and have a more fulfilling career. Improved work performance will prove to be beneficial for the worker and the company.

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