Coastal HR Services

Human Resource Management

Coastal Human Resource Group, Inc. is a Human Resource Outsourcer (HRO). We serve as a full-service human resources department for small and medium sized businesses throughout the Southeast.

Human Resource Management

Hiring & Firing Procedures:

Disciplinary Termination Procedures Provide vast experience to clients in establishing written policies to deal with disciplinary and termination procedures.


  • CHRG will help you stay compliant. You can get current compliant information and immediate guidance from our HR professionals whenever you need it.
  • OSHA - On-site evaluation of client facilities to minimize potential OSHA compliance issues.
  • HIPAA/COBRA - Conduct site audits to insure compliance.
  • EEOC - Provide third party investigation of complaints and a written report of findings for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. With client approval, we will serve as contact representative for mediation.
  • Department of Labor - Makes sure each client is in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, including minimum wage standards.
  • Employee Files - CHRG will collect and process applications including proper I-9 and other employment regulations.


  • Safety Meetings and Training: Coordinate and provide scheduled site safety meetings
  • Forklift Training/Certification: Required training and certification for forklift operators
  • Responsible Vendor: Provide Certified Responsible Vendor Training to our Restaurant clients and maintain appropriate paperwork to ensure compliance.


  • Facilitate Compliance Audits: On-site facilities audit to ensure a safe work place for employees.
  • Facilitate Compliance Investigations: Expert site management relating to compliance investigations and irect involvement with written reports and on-site mediation.

Risk Management:

  • Safety Programs: Facilitate and write client specific safety programs.
  • Unannounced Site Safety Audits: Perform on-site unannounced safety audits to ensure a safe work environment at client sites.
  • Loss Prevention Management: Work with client companies to develop, conduct and manage an over-all program to manage risk and exposures in the work place.
  • Workers' Compensation Claims Assistance: Utilized developed workers' compensation provider network to create a competitive cost environment.

Employee Handbook

Offer a customized handbook that provides guidelines for employees that meet the specifications of our client companies.

SUTA Administration:

CHRG is well-versed in every state's unemployment policies. We can manage your required duties/filings in each state. Court Hearings, etc.: Handle paperwork associated with unemployment claims, denial of claims, unemployment hearings and appeals.