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Compliance Screening

Coastal Human Resource Group, Inc. is a Human Resource Outsourcer (HRO). We serve as a full-service human resources department for small and medium sized businesses throughout the Southeast.

Compliance Screening

COASTAL COMPLIANCE SCREENING A Division of Coastal Human Resource Group, Inc.

Drug and Alcohol Facts

  1. 13 Million Americans admit to being current illicit drug users during the past 12 months. (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)
  2. Substance abusers utilize their medical benefits 300% more often than non-abusers. (Department of Labor)
  3. Substance abusers are absent from work 10 times more often than non-abusers. (OSHA)
  4. 11 Million Americans consider themselves heavy drinkers. A heavy drinker is defined as 5 or more drinks on at least 5 different days in one month. (Department of Labor)
  5. 38 - 50% of all Workers' Compensation claims involve substance abuse. (National Council on Compensation Insurance)

Coastal Compliance Screening assists businesses with all phases of their DOT and non-DOT drug testing program. Coastal Compliance Screening can assist in policy development, collection procedures and reporting of test results. Coastal Compliance Screening offers our clients years of experience in drug testing procedures and policy, as well as the professionalism of our service to maintain accurate and confidential records. Coastal Compliance Screening provides full service drug and alcohol testing with many options:

  • Drug Testing - Lab based Urinalysis (DOT and Non-DOT)
  • Rapid Drug Screen Urinalysis
  • Alcohol Testing - DOT and Non-DOT
  • Hair testing-Radioimmunoassay of hair can determine drug presence over longer period of time.
  • On-site Testing - Trained collectors can go to your site and conduct tests of any type while maintaining courtesy and confidentiality of each employee.

Background Checks:

  • Criminal History Search
  • Social Security/Name Trace
  • Worker Compensation History
  • Motor Vehicle Record
  • Employment Verification
  • Civil Court References
  • Education Confirmation
  • Sex Offender Registry

All background screen services are in compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Reform Act and the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission. Coastal Compliance Screening offers:

  • Employee & Supervisor Training
  • Medical Review Officer Services
  • Private Drug Screens
  • DNA - Paternity Testing