Preventing Burnout At Work

Preventing Burnout At Work

Recent reports from the job hunting site Indeed indicate that over 50% of workers feel some sort of burnout from their job. Burnout is something that affects workers of all ages in every single field. While burnout is not something employers can fully wipe out, it is something that can be fought with the right strategy. Here are a few tips on how to help prevent burnout in your employees.

Know the Signs of Burnout - There are signs of burnout to look for in your employees. These signs may be related to other things going on in their lives, but acknowledging the signs is a good place to start. Signs of burnout may include:

  • Exhaustion
  • Isolation
  • Escape Mechanisms
  • Irritability
  • Frequent Illness

Communicate with Employees - Having an open dialogue with your employees will allow you to gauge how they are really feeling. If employees feel like they can trust their employer, they will feel more open about the issues that are plaguing them.

Make Adjustments - If your employees are feeling overwhelmed, overworked and burnt out, chances are their productivity is going to drop and they may even leave your company. Make adjustments where you can to help ease the burden. This may include adjusting goals and benchmarks to be more obtainable, providing additional training or resources, or even hiring additional workers to split the workload.

Encourage a Healthy Work-Life Balance - Promoting a healthy work-life balance will help your employees feel like they can take time for their personal lives and families. Offering more holidays off, generous sick time and PTO as well as encouraging the use of vacation time are all great ways to boost morale. Lead by example by ensuring your own work-life balance is adequate. If they see you prioritizing your family, personal time and mental/physical health, they will feel more comfortable doing the same.

Give Them a Break - As of 2020, the United States is the most overworked developed nation in the world. This means that people are putting in more hours than they should be and many are not being paid for that additional work. While this may seem like a good sign of productivity to a business owner, it’s terrible for employee retention, work-life balance and overall employee satisfaction. Give your employees a break, the work will always be there tomorrow. Set hard stopping times and discourage employees from working outside their scheduled hours.

Continue to Check in With Employees - Part of helping to combat burnout is ensuring your employees don’t revert back. Be sure to keep the lines of communication open and continue the conversation.

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