Negotiation Tips

Negotiation tips


You’ve made it past a round of interviews for your dream job. Congrats! Now comes the negotiation stage. Gone are the days of solely nailing down your desired salary. Today, you can negotiate for items outside of salary. Such items stand to make or break your work quality of life. Follow our negotiation tips to create the position you really want. 

Why can negotiating outside of salary be a good move?
Salary has been the standard sole negotiating chip for decades, so why the change? First, with millennials entering the workforce more rapidly, the culture of the workplace is changing. They demand work/life balance, dynamic company cultures and in and out of office perks. Secondly, negotiating up front is in your best interest because it is nearly impossible to work out these changes when you are hired and into a position. Do it up front to set a precedent. 

Here are a few top negotiables to remember for your next position. 

Paid Time Off: PTO is a prized benefit. However, in most industries paid time off is accrued per pay period. With that, it can take a few months to gather one to two weeks off. In addition, two weeks is the standard annual paid time off allowance for most positions and can go up to four with executive and C-suite levels. Why not negotiate for more PTO at the start? This is especially helpful if the company has a hard stop on salary. You may not be able to bump the salary to your desired height but you can negotiate for more PTO than the standard. It’s a workable compromise. 

Flexible Schedule: Flexible schedules allow team members to attain work/life balance, juggle family and work responsibilities and prevent burnout from long commutes. Many positions are well suited to remote work a few days a week. Additionally, some can easily be worked into a 4-day work week, with longer days. Gather all of the details of your position that you can and the responsibilities therein to ensure it can be done. Propose the specific flex time arrangement and outline suggestions for exactly what it will look like. The more specific you will be the more likelihood there will be of leadership buy-in.

Sick Leave: Negotiating for additional sick leave outside the company standard is good preparation and thinking ahead. Especially if you have a family with children, taking sick days is to be expected and should not have to eat into your paid vacation days. You can estimate how much to negotiate for by averaging the last few years’ count of sick days you took. Use this as a rule of thumb. 

Perks: Perks greatly impact company culture. From small to big perks they can make the difference between retaining and losing employees. Think about what perks are important to you. Perhaps you are paying for some personal services out of your own pocket that would be nice to have covered. 

Here are 5 examples of perks up for negotiation:  

  • Gym memberships
  • Supercenter memberships (Costco, Sam’s Wholesale)
  • Points towards merchandise 
  • Stipends or discounts towards childcare expenses
  • Annual memberships to local entertainment venues (amusement parks, golf courses)

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