My Coworker isn’t Performing Well, But is Getting a Lot of Praise

Coworker not performing well


Employee recognition in the workplace is important. It helps boost company morale and keeps your team working efficiently and diligently. Plus, praising employees is a great way to keep them motivated. But what happens when one of your coworkers seems to be receiving all the praise and isn’t performing in a way that warrants such praise?


Dealing with favoritism in the office can be a difficult situation. It’s not fair for others to be working as hard as they can, yet someone else gets to receive most of the praise. Although unfair, this situation is common and can happen in any company. So, if you have a coworker who is subject to special treatment, know you are not alone. If you’re currently dealing with this situation, here’s Coastal Human Resources’ advice for you.


Think through the Situation Thoroughly

Be sure to analyze the situation before jumping into any action or conclusion. Ask yourself honestly if you are playing the victim role and if your colleague could be doing work that you just haven’t noticed. If the individual you think is receiving favor does actually outperform you in the workplace, ramp up your efforts to being equal or better than theirs.


Speak Up in a Professional Manner

Before speaking with your boss, be sure to think through the conversation. You could write down bullet points or script it out so you are prepared. Don’t ambush your boss. Be sure to keep the conversation professional, no matter how upset you are during the moment. Don’t rush a decision, state the facts and keep your voice level.


Be Understanding

There could be an underlying cause behind your colleague receiving a lot of praise. Perhaps they are friends with your boss or they trust the individual. Knowing why your colleague is getting special treatment could help you understand, even though it seems unfair.


Remain Positive

Feeling like you’re working extremely hard and receiving no praise can be difficult. Especially when there is someone else you don’t feel is pulling their weight, yet seems to be recognized often. While the situation is discouraging, try to remain positive. Try not to discuss the matter with other coworkers because it could worsen your standing in the workplace. People talk. Also, don’t let it affect your own performance, if anything work harder. Taking it upon yourself may seem like you’re not addressing the issue you want to discuss; but by addressing your work habits first, you will show that your work ethic is in the right place and that you’re not complaining for complaining’s sake.


Go to Human Resources

Nobody wants to be seen as a tattletale. But if you have exhausted your efforts and nothing is changing, then seek out the Human Resources Department at your workplace. They will let you know what concrete options are available and what your next steps should be.


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