Manage Your Employees’ Time and Attendance More Easily

Manage time and attendance


Hiring good employees is the first step toward a successful business. While you have a stellar team on hand, did you know they are also your business’ biggest expense? Not keeping tabs on their time can affect your company’s production capability and possibly hurt your profits. Here are some tips on how to track your employees’ time and attendance efficiently.

Attendance Management System

Just like everything else in our world, tracking attendance has gone digital. Gone are the days of handwritten timekeeping that was mostly illegible. An attendance management system is a neat piece of timesheet tracking software with many benefits designed to help you manage attendance. One feature is that employees can log in and log out their time digitally which improves accuracy. Fewer errors equal long-term cost savings. The software also calculates and saves the total number of hours, holiday time and overtime for each employee. Human resource managers can also be alerted about early and late clock-in and clock-out times.

Mobile Apps

Not everyone has access to a computer at home or on the go. So when a new schedule drops, how are your employees supposed to know without logging on? A mobile scheduling app can be downloaded onto most phones and accessed right away. This will help them plan ahead instead of waiting around for a handwritten schedule to be posted.

Develop a Plan of Action

If you do not have a detailed attendance policy in place, then you may be susceptible to dishonest employees who take off more than they should. This could greatly affect office morale and productivity. A well-developed attendance policy will clearly communicate to all employees the expectations of attendance.

Observe Employee Attendance Behavior

Take a few weeks and step back to really observe your employees’ attendance behaviors. People who arrive late every day may not be lazy or have poor time management; it could be personal. Transportation or family issues at home can greatly affect a person’s punctuality. Discuss with them what you can do to help their situation and avoid tardiness and call-outs. Move meetings to a later time or allow them to switch shifts with another employee. Working together is one piece of solving the problem.

Take control of your employees’ time and attendance by providing helpful tools for them to use in the workplace. Stay consistent and you will not only see an improvement in productivity but also in office morale. For more questions concerning your business’s human resources needs, give us a call at Coastal Human Resources Group.

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