Is Pay Go Workers’ Compensations Insurance Right For You?


Firstly, what is pay go worker’s compensation? While there are many definitions to what it means, pay go workers’ compensation can allow you to make a certain amount of payments each time you do payroll. You are allowed to make a premium payment. While every workplace is different on how it’s spread out, it usually follows throughout the year. In this day in age, it is very popular in the business world. All in all, pay as you go is another way of making premium payments.

Why is it a go to in businesses? One of the main reasons businesses use the pay as you go worker’s compensation insurance is because it helps them save by eliminating the up-front costs. Another reason might be outdated payment plans that might be hurting the business as a whole.

The insurance is real-time when it comes to payroll and it helps calculate the workers’ compensation premiums, which in the end makes it accurate. One benefit is that during the year – you won’t have to worry about paying too much throughout the year.

Each business is different from one another, which means each plan is different from one another. Coastal HR has created plans for your policy and listed are the key Master Worker’s Compensations Program.

• There are NO deposit premiums, which also means there are no down payments. By eliminating both deposit premium and down payment, there are no upfront cash requirements to follow.

• For audit purposes, Coastal HR will audit the monthly premiums. By doing so, the client should see no year-end audit.

• When it comes to each payroll, underpayments and even overpayments, the Pay As You Go will calculate the Workers’ compensations premium payments and be virtually eliminated. For the premiums, they are based on payroll data. For the payroll data, they need to be based on actual and not just estimated data.


Who doesn’t like to improve their company? The cash flow from the premiums can be spread out during each pay period that arises. By having Coastal HR administer the payments, this allows the burden of writing spate checks. It also will decrease any penalty for late payments.


Commercial Insurance

Trying to find the right insurance can be difficult and long hours in finding the right fit. Coastal HR partners with the top insurance agencies around your area. They try to provide multiple competitive quotes that fit your needs. The top competitive quotes for commercial insurance include:

• Property

• Auto

• Liability

• Other


Risk Management

What is risk management? Risk management helps you evaluate any risks that could ruin your business with earnings.  Risk management is important for many reasons. Whether its to keep a secure work environment or to protect people and assets from harm. Risk management also helps with insurance to save on unfaulty premiums.


Let one of our Risk Managers also:

• Sit down with you one on one and go through insurance policies

• Provide you with competitive quotes

• Reviews coverage’s that are existing


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