How to Pass a Compliance Screening

How to Pass a Compliance Screening

If you’re being asked to complete a compliance screening by a potential employer, you might be nervous. Compliance screenings are nothing to be scared of. Compliance screening is a process used by a human resources department or business to collect information about an employee’s past. In most employment situations, it is the final step before an offer is made for permanent employment. 


Here’s how to ensure your compliance screening experience is as painless and easy as possible. 


Know What You’re Being Screened For


Most compliance screening tests include drug and alcohol testing, education confirmation and social security/name tracing (also known as alias search). In the event an employee may be driving a company car, a motor vehicle record can be pulled to verify a clean driving record.


If it’s not provided to you, ask the company what types of things they will be looking for in their compliance screening. They may have a specific policy on things like driving records or drug and alcohol use. Knowing what you’re being screened for, as well as the companies policies on these things will help you be prepared for the outcome of your screening. 


Be Honest


You might be nervous that your compliance screening will reveal something you rather employers don’t know. If there’s something that may be concerning on your record, but you have a good explanation for it, you may still get hired. Your best bet is, to be honest with the person interviewing you. 


If there’s something that outright goes against their company policies, you should be aware that you may not be offered employment. Don’t ever try to actively hide something or be deceitful. It will make the process a lot more difficult and lying is not a good way to make a first impression. 


Understand it’s Not Personal 


At the end of the day if the company isn’t able to offer you employment due to the outcome of your compliance screening, just remember it’s not personal. Companies have to do what’s best for them and they can’t take a risk that might jeopardize them or their employees. 


If you’ve made it to the final round interview, you’ve already shown you’re a hard worker and would be a good fit. You’ll find a company that has more lenience in their policy or you can find a way to remedy the issue for future opportunities. 


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