How to Manage Time and Productivity in the Workplace

Time and productivity in the workplace


It’s a busy Monday at the office and next thing you know, you are behind on deadlines, your email is jammed packed with unread e-mails, and you realize you have an entire pile of important papers to fill out. Before you begin to stress out, it is important you take a step back and reevaluate your agenda and plan. Time management is essential for achieving productivity in the workplace and can also boost your confidence and satisfaction if you do it right.

Start with a Clear Space

Have you ever heard the phrase “a clear space equals a clear mind”? This tends to be true because your work environment affects how much you get done. A clean, organized, and clutter-free space will motivate you to take on the day. Make it a habit to put things away where they belong at the end of the day so that the next morning, your desk or work area will be looking good as new. You can also prepare for the following day by prioritizing tasks so that you are aware of where to start first.

Take Short Breaks When Needed

While it may seem ideal to get as much work as possible done in a one-time sitting, it is best to let your brain rest and give yourself a mental break. Take a short walk, stretch, and do breathing exercises, even if it's just for five minutes. Short breaks are known to have you come back feeling rejuvenated and have new energy to finish what you started. Multitasking only takes longer for things to get done, so do things one at a time for best results.

Focus on Time

Avoid any distractions such as co-workers gossiping while on the job and focus your attention on time. Create boundaries by identifying what needs to get done first. Not everything is a top priority, but everything does need to be addressed. Distribute your time wisely by planning top priority tasks and giving all of them the same time and attention. Staying on top of things may be difficult, so don’t forget to create calendar events and set up reminders.

Be Self-Aware

Are you getting things done on time? Do you need more motivation to do a better job? Be self- aware of what you are bringing to the table when it comes to time-management and set up goals to complete productivity. Oversee your day, don’t let your day take charge of you!

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