How To Have an Office Holiday Party That Includes Everyone

Holiday work parties


Everyone loves a party. People especially love a party that has good food, company and fun activities. But when the holidays roll around, it’s important to consider those who may celebrate the season in a different way. Throwing an office party that includes everyone can be done if you follow these simple tips. 

Organize a Committee
Organize a party planning committee of coworkers who reflect the company’s diversity. A committee made up all backgrounds will help address any specific needs of your coworkers. Subcommittees can also be arranged for food, activities, music, decorations and location. 

Start Off on the Right Foot
Request the CEO or the manager of the company to give an inclusive speech at the party. He or she can begin with the positive impact diversity has on the workplace. The speech can also highlight the company’s success and expectations for the new year. 

Select a Variety Food and Drink Options 
If you have organized a food committee, stress to them the importance of staff members with dietary restrictions. Label foods with wheat or nuts for those who may have an allergy. Offer a nice selection of vegetarian meals for non-meat eaters. Provide nonalcoholic beverage options for those who choose not to drink. 

Keep in Festive, Not Specific
Decorating for the party can be festive without reflecting a specific holiday. Select an inclusive theme such as a “winter wonderland” with snowflakes and artificial snow. Avoid using themes or colors that may signify a certain holiday. 

Select the Right Date
There are many religious and nonreligious celebrations during the holiday season. Avoid conflict by choosing a date that does not coincide with another religious holiday. You do not want anyone to feel excluded if they can not attend due to religious obligations. 

Plan an In-House Party
A simple office party can be held on the grounds of the company. If space allows, arrange for either a potluck party or one that is catered. Select a variety of activities for people to participate in such as a cornhole tournament or ping pong. 

Select a Charity Instead of Gift Exchange
Forgo any gift giving games or practices during the office party. Instead, opt to donate to a local charity. You can collect monetary donations for a family in need or have everyone purchase a gift for needy children. Think outside the box and organize a service project with a small party at a restaurant afterward.  
Plan a holiday office party with everyone in mind and you’ll be guaranteed a good time. An inclusive end-of-year celebration will provide many memories for you and your coworkers for years to come. 

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