How to create meaningful work

Meaningful work


Feeling stuck in your career can be a hard feeling to overcome. Maybe you are less motivated than you used to be and are sticking around because looking for another job can add more stress. If you are feeling down in the dumps about your career, there is a way to help resolve that. Research has found that the most critical aspect of any job is to do work that matters. Regardless of how you are feeling right now, there is a way to do meaningful work. Keep reading to find out how.

Create Your Mission
Chances are your company has a mission statement. However, as an employee, you can create your mission that allows you to find the meaning behind all of the work you do. Defining your purpose may cause you to see that you should adjust the way you work and are handling your business. Whatever your mission is, stick with it and know your role serves a purpose.

Develop Trust
Show your employer and fellow employees that you are trustworthy and consider them to be trustworthy as well. By showing your boss that you are honest, it can help you gain access to more meaningful projects. It’s hard to get meaningful work if your boss doesn’t trust you with it. 

Pursue Things that Make You Happy
When you pursue things that make you happy, meaning tends to follow. By doing work that makes you happy, you will perform better and find more meaning behind each task you complete. This will also help you to feel more fulfilled in your work-related life.

Task Crafting
Task crafting is known as picking up or dropping tasks that adjust your day-to-day role at work. Perhaps you take on a new role that isn’t in your job description to learn more and expand your abilities. 

Relation Crafting
Create relationships with people at work that are meaningful and spend time with the people who bring out the best in you. Perhaps you can branch out and get to know people in a different department or take time getting to know someone who is new to the team. 

Cognitive Crafting 
Cognitive crafting means to change the way you think about your current job. If you change the way you think about what you do, it can make your time at work more meaningful. One example is to change your title to the most significant part of your job.

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