How To Become A Boss People Admire

A boss people admire


Strict. Commanding. Unapproachable. If any of these sound familiar it may be because they describe a former boss. Being a boss doesn’t mean you have to be a bully. You can still lead an efficient and reliable staff by being a person they can look up to and admire.

Be Accessible

We all have had that one boss who locked him or herself away in their office for hours. You had questions and concerns but felt intimidated by the closed off nature that person projected. An employee may feel there is no open communication if a door is always closed. Unless there is an urgent concern such as a phone call or a meeting, try to establish an “open door” policy with your employees. Let them know your door is always open for anything they may need to discuss.

Provide Feedback and Training

An employee can feel stressed and overwhelmed if they do not have a clear understanding of their tasks, expectations or overall performance. Meeting with an employee one on one each month will give you some insight into their workload, stress level and well-being. Morning meetings with the entire staff have also been proven effective for leaders. Employees will feel their boss has a vested interest in the workplace with an open line of communication.

Set an Example

You didn’t get to your level of power through a bachelor degree alone. It took long hours and sacrifice and the last thing you want to do is set a bad example. Not only could this have severe repercussions for you, but it reflects badly on your employees. If you show up late every morning or to meetings, use bad language, have a negative attitude, or speak badly about the company it gives employees the “green light” to do the same. Be the light that shines in the office and set an example for your staff. Not only will you have an efficient and positive staff, but it may also impact their career.

Make it Personal

Like you, your employees have a life outside of work. Many may have children, others work a second job and some provide personal care for sick loved ones. Take a moment and speak to your employees individually about their home life. It will let them know you truly care about them as an employee and a person.

Be an Effective Team Leader and Builder

You can’t effectively lead a team if you do not have the right people to build it. While you may have a staff full of different personalities, with varying strengths and weaknesses, it takes a leader to build that team into unity.

Be the boss you know you can be! Someone who is approachable, understanding and sets a clear vision for their employees will have the ultimate dream team for their business.

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