How Often Should Your Company Hold a Safety Review

Safety Review


When it comes to training and safety at your company, the best way to tell what safety training you should conduct is by checking with your local department of labor. They will be able to help guide you on what type of OSHA safety training your company and employees need. Your company should be having regular meetings that cover safety and health topics, but if you are a smaller business these meetings aren’t necessarily required. So, what is the point of safety meetings?


Safety Meetings and Reviews


Safety meetings help companies communicate their policies with employees and keep them fresh in their minds. It also helps to monitor how effective their safety program rules are. These safety reviews help prevent accidents, go over emergency procedures and touch on subjects like hygiene and other topics. Companies should host monthly, or at least quarterly, safety reviews and training to cover topics like first aid or fire safety.


OSHA requires that every company make safety and health a top priority. This will help to keep a safe working environment that will in turn help keep the workplace enjoyable. When configuring your safety and health program, it’s important to keep these five components in mind:

  • Management Leadership and Employee Participation
  • Workplace Analysis
  • Hazard Prevention and Control
  • Safety and Health Training and Education
  • Program Evaluation


By having regular safety meetings, it will help to boost the team's morale while also lowering insurance premiums and strengthening your safety compliance. When it comes to choosing the “right number” of safety reviews you should hold. Try to have at least one safety review each month to go over your company’s policies and make sure they are being followed. Regular reviews will help keep new and old employees refreshed on what is expected around the workplace. It’s also important to host safety reviews any time new policies are added or policies are changed.


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