How Hackathons Can Attract, Develop and Engage New Talent


In today’s job market sometimes it takes more than a modernized office space and catered lunches to attract the best talent to your company. If you are searching for new candidates, implementing a creative effort, such as a hackathon, may be the ticket to finding new talent. 

What is a Hackathon
Despite the negative connotation associated with the word “hack”, hackathons have grown in popularity over the years. They can help attract top candidates in the information technology (IT)  and developer fields, as well as individuals from other areas such as marketing and research. 

Incorporating a hackathon into research and development helps a company know where the flaws are within their product or processes. New software and programs can be implemented as well. Users test the software or other products and “hack” items to cause the system to fail. These hackathons can last for hours or sometimes days depending on the particular problem. 

Your company can collectively develop a hackathon via your IT department. This is a great team building effort as well since new projects can be brainstormed.    

Attracting New Talent
A hackathon will give your organization a perspective of a potential employee’s capacity. A resume and the same routine interview can only give you bullet points about a candidate. What if you wanted to see what this person can do? How do they operate under pressure? How do they find a solution to complex situations? Are they innovative? And most importantly, how do they work in a team environment? A hackathon could provide the answers you probably would not get out of a standard interview. 

Developing and Engaging Benefits 
While a hackathon may offer an idea of who is behind the computer, it will also provide the applicant an idea about who you are as a potential employer. Millennials make up nearly one-third of today’s job market and they want more out of a company than just health benefits. They consider companies an investment and therefore, are more attracted to places that will allow them to better develop their skill set. They also want someone who will break the routine and offer more engagement possibilities. A hackathon will allow for a new recruit to break out of their comfort zone and work with fellow employees on a project that would have otherwise been operated on an individual basis. 

Hosting a hackathon may be the source to attract and develop the talent your company needs. It will allow for potential employees to stand out. Current employees could also benefit from providing feedback on new projects your company has lined up. 

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