Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset Employees

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset Employees

Let’s dive into the topic of mindset and how much or how little it can do for your employees. Today, we talk about the difference between growth versus fixed mindsets that employees may find themselves personally drawn to rather consciously or unconscious. The mindsets are known as psychological beliefs, both of which can be learned through characteristics. Although they may be interchangeable, the growth mindset tends to be more effective especially in any work field. 


Growth: Proceed to Succeed 

Employees who hone into the growth mindset will find themselves on the road of proceeding in order to succeed. This means they will take on challenges no matter the circumstances, go past their means of limits and focus on the positive. It is a process, to say the least, but very rewarding when faced with any obstacle or when given constructive criticism in the workplace. 


Growth: Employees Learn Better 

Do employees that practice a growth mindset learn better when working? You will find the answer to be most certainly true. Employees must be open-minded in the sense that they are optimistic but still find ways to accept mistakes and improve on them. These employees are rather hopeful but still focused on becoming even better. Once they have mastered that mindset, the sky's the limit with many opportunities, abilities and skills.


Fixed: Settle to the Metal

You will find employees who lean more towards a fixed mindset settle to the metal. Meaning, they usually do not find the need to improve because they feel they simply cannot do better, easily give-up or may take things personally if confronted about a problem. Of course, like any human being, we all have our bad days. But, if someone portrays more characteristics of a fixed mindset, there is certainly room for improvement. 


Fixed: Overthinkers with a Hidden Need

Employees who have a fixed mindset might be seen as overthinkers. Their perspectives can lay between the fine line of believing that there is no way out of things or that the impossible is inevitable. The negative thoughts of a fixed mindset employee may be a call to a hidden need. The need can extend from a boost of confidence or ease off the pressure from not being in control of one’s own career choices. Many do not take notice of a need to change because they are certain that where they are in life is fine and they do not desire nor like change.  Therefore, a fixed mindset requires more time to succeed and learn a diverse number of skills, but they can still be an asset to your team. 

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