Frequently Asked Job Interview Questions

Frequently Asked Job Interview Questions

As you prepare for job interviews, you might wonder what questions the employer will ask. While there is no way to know what topics will be covered in the interview, there are several popular questions you can expect. Every interviewer is different, but preparing answers for these common questions will help you make a great impression in your job interview.


“Tell me a little about yourself.”


When the interviewer asks this question, they should already know the basics. Your resume and cover letter should paint a good picture, and if they wanted to learn more, Google and Facebook could tell them. When you answer this question, connect the dots on your resume so the interviewer knows not just what you have done, but why. Talk about why you took certain jobs or chose one school instead of another. These help the interviewer determine what kind of person you are and if you are a good fit for their company


“How did you learn about the job opening?”


Many people learn about their first jobs through job boards, online postings or job fairs, and this is not a bad thing! But if a candidate continues to find jobs only through postings, it gives the impression that they do not know what they really want to do, or where they want to work. So when the interviewer asks this question, prove that you heard about it through a colleague, employer or even from following the company. Employers don’t want to hire just anyone just looking for a job, but someone who wants to work specifically with their company.


“Why do you want this job?”


Interviewers often ask this question to determine if you took the time to research the company and to learn why you would be a good fit. To prepare for the question, take time to learn about the services, products, mission, history and culture of the company. When answering, be sure to mention the aspects of the company and how it aligns with your career goals both long-term and short-term. 


“Describe your dream job.”


Choosing your ideal job or position before the interview can help you come up with an effective answer to this question. Your answer might be a mix of skills, abilities or values you have or would like to develop. You should also consider your ideal lifestyle and what accomplishments you would like to achieve, then question what position would help you attain that. Some of our best tips are to mention what skills you would like to use, describe a general job or position, discuss your values and tailor your answers to what job you are applying for or hope to one day have.


“Do you have any questions?”


This is one of the most important questions at the end of the interview as it allows you to ask any information you think was skimmed over or left out. You can also ask for information that you just would like to know more about. Don’t waste this opportunity to ask questions, because it can help show that you are a strong candidate, but it will also help you see if the company is a good fit for you. Some examples of good questions to ask are: What do you love about the company? What is the company’s plan for the future and how will my position help? What does success look like in this role? Are there growth opportunities?


Practicing interview questions will help prepare you for the stressful day. Preparing for the interview will help ease your nerves and can help impress the interviewer when you come prepared. Don’t forget what you know and be confident! We hope these questions help prepare you for your next job interview.

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