Different types of payroll options

Different types of payroll options.

When hiring new employees, an employer must let them know how often they will get paid. However, this could become a difficult payroll process down the line due to employees not meeting the necessary payroll requirements to get paid, such as situations including no prior checking accounts, difficulties with visas or living conditions for foreign individuals. Employers also play a role in how payroll processing is done. For example, not having advanced tools to protect the safety and security of employee information or simply staying behind on delivering the payroll period. Luckily, there are different types of payroll options available from outsourcing services provided by companies like Coastal Human Resource Group, Inc.

Paper Checks

When you think of issuing paper checks, the first thing that probably comes to mind is how much of a time-consuming process it can be. Luckily, those olden days are almost gone. Our new payroll system issues paper checks without any hassle. The delivery method is used for convenience purposes. It saves employers the time from physically having to hand-deliver the checks. You can issue the checks while receiving the pay stubs at the same time. Paper checks stand out as a payroll option because they can print stubs on-demand with no direct deposit fees.

Direct Deposits

Direct deposit is the number one choice both employers and employees make as a payroll option. It is the new way of going green for payroll services. Individuals with a registered banking account in the United States benefit from ACH transaction features, can see statements electronically and receive funds faster. Employers have full control over managing multiple accounts and editing wages and errors as needed. Direct deposits are known to be safer than paper checks and are the easiest and fastest way to get payroll distributed.

Pay Card

Employees struggling to get access to a checking account? No problem! Pay cards are a great payroll option to use in place of paper checks. They do not require pre-approval and are a self-servicing process. The pay card is paperless, has an easy swipe feature and has similar features to that of a debit card. Employers also benefit from the user-friendly software by using payroll automation and making pay period wages at no additional cost.

We know employees want more than just benefits. They want a reliable source of payroll option that works with their current situation. By having more payroll options to choose from, employees tend to be more satisfied with the overall management of the company. 

Want to tap into the different types of payroll options available for your business?

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