5 Ways to Encourage Teamwork in the Workplace

5 Ways to Encourage Teamwork in the Workplace

In most people’s experience, teamwork ‘makes the dream work’. More minds working together on the same project get things done more efficiently and better quality. When a workplace is divided, employees often clash because work becomes a never-ending competition to be the best and make the most money. Teamwork and collaboration are the foundations of creativity; here are five ways to encourage teamwork in the workplace.


Teamwork Roles


Giving employees the team specific roles helps everything run smoothly, keeping an organized flow. When encouraging teamwork, there should always be a clear ‘leader figure’. This person should know the other employees well enough to assign roles that would benefit the workplace the most. Because many businesses want to be a place of creativity and productivity, team collaboration is a must. After teamwork roles have been established, don’t be afraid to shake things up a bit and allow others to spearhead ideas. Fresh eyes and new ideas can never go wrong.




One of the worst things a leader or supervisor can do is try to force employee friendships through mandatory team exercises. It is much better for the workplace as a whole to allow friendships to appear on their own. Even though it is easier to work as a team with people who are friends, forcing these friendships strains the employer-employee relationship.




When starting a business, people have two things in mind: long term objectives and short-term goals. Long term objectives are known to everyone in the business and are usually expressed in mission statements; however, short term goals are much more important. If you want to encourage teamwork, you must create short term goals that drive the team. Say there is a marketing team that has the goal to create this much revenue based on the advertisements they put out in a month. This is a measurable goal that helps this team determine what path they must take to get to the goal within the allotted time. These short-term goals create the path of your business’s teamwork.




The largest shortcoming of being the youngest child of the family is learning everything later. Studies show that younger siblings walk later, talk later and generally learn later than the other siblings because the siblings are doing everything for them. They get carried around the longest and siblings translate their baby-babble into words. Employees are not developing children and should not be micromanaged. Respecting the abilities of your teams and employees helps them work together in a better team. You don’t need to walk around a room looking down at work like a schoolteacher to make sure that work is getting done. This only creates a dysfunctional team dynamic and lack of trust.


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