5 Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate Office Birthdays

Celebrate Office Birthdays


Birthdays are exciting and should be celebrated, no matter your age.  What a beautiful gift that you were born on this day, and you deserve to be celebrated! Now, throw work into the mix and you may be asking yourself “How do you celebrate someone’s birthday at work”? Well, it’s not hard at all and when done correctly it can be pretty inexpensive. So, whether your boss or co-worker has a birthday coming up, show them some love by doing one of the following inexpensive ideas to help them celebrate their special day!


Make Them a Video

Someone in your office is bound to have a smartphone or tablet, so put it to use by creating a birthday video for the birthday boy or girl! You can come up with a list of funny questions to ask other co-workers about the person whose birthday you are celebrating. Or, everyone can go around and name their favorite memory of that individual. The video can be shown during a team meeting followed by a small celebration with cupcakes or cookies!


Get Personal With It

There is nothing more meaningful than a gift that is personal. It shows the person that you are paying attention to them and truly listen to what their interests are. For example, if you know someone loves a specific sports team, maybe you purchase them a t-shirt or hat with their team on it.


Decorate Their Office

Decorating someone’s office for their birthday is always a great surprise! Having to work on your birthday can be a bit of a downer, but when someone walks through the door and sees their office or desk decorated it is certain to make their day much better! You will need to stay late and decorate the day before, or get to work early the next morning so everything is set up before they arrive.


Do Monthly Celebrations

If your office size is a bit larger, it may seem like you are celebrating individual birthdays every day! A great idea for businesses who have more employees is to celebrate by each month. So, once a month, you could do a pot luck and have everyone bring a dish or contribute to a luncheon to celebrate that months’ birthdays.


It can be a little bit of work, but it’s important to celebrate those in your work environment on their birthdays. Some companies have found it useful to develop a “birthday committee” who takes the lead with all of the celebration fun.


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