3 Tips for More Productive Group/Team Meetings

Productive Group/Team Mettings


Productive group and team meetings are crucial to moving business in your desired direction. If you need help with organizing and staying productive during your team meetings, make sure you utilize these tips from Coastal Human Resources!

1. Set and Circulate the Agenda


Have you ever attended a conference call or in-person team meeting and left thinking, “now what did we just discuss?” If so, you are not alone. Many group and team meetings lack focus simply from not having an agenda set beforehand. Furthermore, it is important to circulate the agenda to key attendees before the meeting. This way, meeting agenda items can be added or modified based upon that feedback.


Circulating the agenda does 3 things:


• It promotes teamwork before the team meeting. This makes everyone feel that their opinion matters.


• It covers human error. Leaving one person in charge of the final agenda without circulating it puts a lot of pressure on that person. Unless it is a meeting called by a high-level C Suite executive with an administrative assistant, it is reasonable to circulate the agenda for feedback to ensure nothing is accidentally omitted.


• It keeps meetings concise. Often times, multiple meetings result when only one will do. Multiple time-consuming meetings take people away from other responsibilities. To avoid this, circulate the agenda for thorough feedback a week or more before the meeting. Chances are, the meeting will have a high focus that wraps up multiple meetings into one.


2. Keep People on Task


It is easy for group or team meetings with multiple employees or leaders to get off track. Make it a goal to keep all attendees on task per the set agenda. As covered in our first tip above, having circulated the agenda before the meeting, everyone in the meeting knows what will be covered. With that, they should not be caught off guard if redirected back to those agenda items. Keeping people on task is especially challenging when emotions run high. In times of company flux, during big decisions or after a big change, it is normal for people to not be in their usual state of mind. Expect this if this description fits your company. Redirecting during times of high stress, to stay on task keeps everyone on an even keel.


3. Take Notes & Send a Recap


Sending a recap of the meeting afterward ensures goals were met that were set in the agenda. However, people are human and forget. Designate a person before the meeting who will take notes and send these to you or your administrative assistant. Use these to send a solid recap post-meeting with action items and those responsible for those action items, if that was discussed. Going a step further, create a Dropbox folder with attendee access and maintain meeting recap notes in this folder. They can be referenced for months to come when needed.

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