3 Perks You Can Offer Employees that Won’t Break the Bank

Employee Perks

More and more, employees are looking for perks in the workplace. This is especially true for millennials. This is the first time in history that we have all 4 generations working alongside each other. How do you offer perks everyone will enjoy without hurting your bottom line?

Defining Perks

In the past, the term “perk” was used very loosely. It could mean anything from permission to use the boss’s condo in the summer to taking a few extra cups of coffee from the community pot. In the past, employees even came to define the term on their own. For example, making personal copies at work, using company ink was a perk. However, with the dynamic workforce, we enjoy today, “perk” is a more well-defined term being not only requested but demanded, as a way of recruiting and retaining the best talent.

3 Budget-friendly Perks

Read HR publications and you will often find perks that sound lavish for a small business. How can you instill perks in your own culture that help employees feel appreciated and loyal but that agree with your fiduciary responsibilities? Here are 3 ideas you can try this month.

Vendor-sponsored Employee Appreciation Day

Most small businesses have vendors they do business with or maybe even some who have been trying to get in the door. Most of these vendors have a budget of some sort. Enlist their support to sponsor an Employee Appreciation Day. Catered breakfasts or lunches are a great first step.

A More Relaxed Work Atmosphere

All employees are juggling many responsibilities, no matter the generation. For that reason, most will appreciate steps towards a more relaxed work atmosphere. One simple idea that is easy to institute is business casual Fridays. Depending upon your business and workplace culture, you may have to define what exactly the word casual means for your office. Another easy way to promote a relaxed work environment is to offer flex time. With discussion and notice, allow employees to set a more flexible schedule that works with their other responsibilities.

Monthly Cookout

Here on the Gulf Coast, the spring and summer months are great to get outside. Splurge on an inexpensive grill, a new or used cornhole game and simple outdoor food items to host a monthly outdoor cookout. Employees may also enjoy bringing their favorite side dishes or desserts. This further helps your bottom line and builds comradery, too. If your business has a monthly milestone such as a very busy day of the month, this regularly planned cookout is a great way to boost morale and celebrate that accomplishment.

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